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. a narrow victory for his nearest competetor, mitt romney. >> and interesting to see how it turned out for each of the candidates. we will break everything down for you. we will look at some of the other super tuesday states for you. mitt romney won his home state of massachusetts. no surprise on massachusetts. we are showing that now. he was the governor there and it was a race that wasn't considered that competitive. but it is a win nonetheless. romney also won vermont. it was a state that none of the gop candidates actually visited. it was a state where they had new rules in affect for the first time that required a majority win or the result would be a proportion gnat delegate uh uh -- delegate award. remember this controversy, greg? only romney and congressman ron paul actually met the requirements necessary to appear on the ballot. somethings, greg, i know you will bring up with our panel that if you can't get the paperwork going in a paper state what do you learn about the candidate? and one more race out west, romney taking idaho where there is a large mormon population. it was
winning louisiana on saturday, i might add. >> i am a much better debater than iert romney or santorum. >> each day, we move closer not just to victory, but to a better america. join us. join us. together, we're going to ensure that america's greatest days are still ahead. >> the battle of the gop. this is piers morgan tonight. >> good evening. it's a big night for mitt romney. let's take a look at tonight's results. romney way ahead in the lead. listen to a tough talking mitt romney. >> so tonight was a primary. but november is the general election. and we're going to face a defining decision as a people. our choice will not be about party or even personality. this election will be about principle. our economic freedom will be on the ballot. i'm running for president because i have the experience and the vision to get us out of this mess. >> so mitt romney rolls in illinois. a crucial win for him. here to talk about it is cnn's top team. >> i think a pretty significant night for mitt romney. in the general context, are we nearing the tipping point? >> yes, i think it's a very present
'm jamie kol bee. it's great to have you here. rick santorum and mitt romney, running neck and neck in the buckeye state it was the closest race since the first contest in iowa. >> what is amaze is that rick santorum two weeks ago, had an 18-point lead in the state of ohio. it circumstancey vanished. it simply vanished. >> interesting to see how many people turned out for each candidate. we want to take a look at the other super tuesday states for you. mitt romney has won his home state of massachusetts. really, gregg, no surprise on massachusetts. we are showing that now because he was the governor there. it was a race that wasn't considered that competitive. but it is a win, nonetheless. romney also won vermont, a state that none of the g.o.p. candidates visited, still important. it's a state where they had new rules for the first time, that required a majority win or the result would be a proportionate delegate award. and former governor romney claiming victory in virginia. remember this controversy, gregg? only romney and congressman ron paul met the requirements necessary to ap
poll, said they had just voted for mitt romney. 35% for rick santorum. 12% for newt gingrich. 8% for ron paul. remember. this is still the early exit polls. very soon we're going to be getting more numbers. we're not yet able to make a projection based on these first round, second round of these exit polls. we're getting more. let me walk over to john king and explain what's going on. no projection yet. but it seems at least according to the early exit polls information, the new numbers in the exit polls are still coming in. looks like it's going to be a good night for mitt romney. >> every reason to believe that governor romney will win the state of illinois. if you've been with us through past primary nights, the people who just finished voting talking to the exit polls now. santorum does better in that lastaway. and often senator santorum has overperformed his last poll numbers. >> we're being cautious. >> we'd rather get it right than wrong. we can tell things if we look at the electorate today. we've seen this in some other states. nearly 4 in 10 voters today say beating pr
, this is a very significant night for rick santorum. just when so many of the so-called experts were saying romney had it all but done, not is fast. >> could romney lock it up or another revival for newt gingrich. he loses in the two south states. he says he's staying in. now the questions are can santorum find a path to challenge romney? it would be easier if gingrich gets out. the math, the rules, the history. everything tells you it's still romney over the long hall into may and june. but you know what? our politics have been outside the rules. we elected our first african-american president. the tea party movement came out of nowhere. so let's watch. santorum's going to puerto rico. then we have a big primary in illinois. back to the midwest where if you look at the demographics, should be a romney state. >> puerto rico is this coming sunday. >> huge. >> and then illinois is a week from now on tuesday. >> i think i need to go to cover it. >> in fairness to mitt romney, he's still away head in the delegate count. he's got more than all of the other candidates combined so far. >> and this isn't
romney with 31% and similar survey taken last year had santorum seven points ahead. rasmussen has santorum 42% and romney at 24%. clearly romney has the big mo. for an unique perspective of the ohio g.o.p. primary and the issues most relevant to ohioans let's go to dayton and it's mayor, welcome into the "the war room." we're glad to have you. >> thank you. >> are dayton voters emblematic of what ohio voters are thinking? >> well, the reality is i'm actually an independent. i consider myself to be representative of about 80% of the people. and most people that i've talked to are sick of the circus that the politician versus created for themselves. >> so as far as the lay of the land on the ground in ohio, obviously the independents are going to be key, are they going to be able to vote in the republican primary? >> they have to declare--as i said, i'm actually an independent. if i wish to vote in the republican primary, then i have to declare and then i get labeled with a big fat "r" next to my name. the fact is independents can't vote in the primary. and if it people want to send
dramatic southern sweep, mitt romney's camp insists santorum can only stall not block romney's path to victory. the defense secretary gets a first-hand look at the garage aisle afghan mission just as we get word the argentina end who allegedly gunned down 16 afghan civilians was flown out of that country tonight. >>> president obama says regime change in syria is a question of when not if. president assad isn't listening, pressing a crackdown on the south keeping that city from south keeping that city from anti-government rebels. -- captions by vitac -- >>> first some major international news tonight. a scary moment as the defense secretary leon panetta arrived to afghanistan. an afghan vehicle drove onto the runway area of a military base and set it afire. just as panetta's plane was landing. another major security breach but pentagon officials say no explosives were found in the vehicle and secretary panetta went on with his schedule, which includes a face-to-face promise to the afghan president hamid karzai for a thorough investigation of the shooting rampage blamed
. but our decision desk tells us vermont and virginia are too close to call. and, get this, mitt romney is in a tight race with ron paul in each of those states. of course, rick santorum and newt gingrich didn't even qualify for the virginia primary so it was just romney and paul on the ballot. our exit polls show mitt romney is generally winning among voters who say their top concern is the economy but not everywhere. and rick santorum is leading among voters who say they want a candidate with a strong moral character. but that's also not across the board. much more on the exit polls in just a moment. again, fox news now projects newt gingrich has won his former home state of georgia. 419 delegates up for grabs across 10 super tuesday states tonight. that's more than the total that need to win the nomination. less than a half hour away from the polls closing in the biggest race of the night in the state of ohio. so stay tuned. first, to campaign carl cammeron live at romney headquarters in boston. carl, what are we learning from the early returns? >> well, we see from georgia that newt
santorum a lot of credit. he was outspent big time by mitt romney. but look. he's the winner in mississippi and alabama. twin victories of significant boost a setback for the front runner mitt romney as well as for newt gingrich. now attention turns to the next contest in puerto rico on sunday and illinois next tuesday. we'll, of course, have complete coverage. thanks very much for joining us. i'm wolf blitzer sitting in for piers morgan. piers morgan. the news continues on cnn. -- captions by vitac -- >>> a special edition of "out front" tonight. a huge victory for rick santorum. calling mississippi for the pennsylvania senator. that's after we called alabama for santorum earlier tonight. the candidate spoke just moments ago. ain't no doubt about it. he is taking his momentum into the next contests. >> we will compete everywhere. we will compete everywhere. the time is now for conservatives to pull together. the time is now to make sure -- to make sure that we have the best chance to win this election and the best chance to win this election is to nominate a co
. if gingrich had not been in the race tonight, santorum might have had wider margins over romney. i asked rick santorum do you think speaker gingrich should get out of the race? here's what he had to say. >> do you think newt gingrich should drop out, senator? do you think speaker gingrich should drop out of the race? >> it'd be great if everybody dropped out. >> clearly you would have won by a wider margin. >> got to play with the cards you're dealt. >> so you hear him say you have to play with the cards you're dealt. clearly this is a delicate situation for the campaign. earlier he was on the glenn beck show. he said he would think it would be great for speaker gingrich to get out of this race. later this evening i asked one of his spokes people, his press secretary. do you think newt gingrich should get out of this race? does the santorum campaign say this? she said absolutely then came back later to me this evening saying we're not formally calling on newt gingrich to get out of this race. no question about it heading into the contests here, it would be a big help to this campaign. just to
, governor romney, have opposed what's called comprehensive immigration reform. allowing children of illegal immigrants to get benefits from the dream act so they can go to college and stay in the united >> we are american citizens and it's an issue that we need to address as a nation and i am homeful they will be addressed appropriately. >> there is speculation that you, governor, you are very popular and you could be a vice presidential running mate for mitt romney or rick santorum. he said nice things about you. what do you think about that? >> let me tell you, i believe the republican party has done a good job in reaching out to the hispanic community, however we need to do more. it is not about the faces that actually are going to be seen in our ticket in november. it's about the values that will be behind those faces. the hispanic community share many values with the republican party. we have to stress those rarlz f regardless of who appears on our ticket. >> do you like the idea of a vice presidential ticket? >> i love my job and i want to stay here if i can and i enjoy what i'm doin
you, polls closed about an hour ago. mitt romney has won the state of illinois, mitt romney the projected winner in that state. the latest results we have right now are 19% in, mitt romney 54% of the vote, rick santorum, 28% of the vote, ron paul 9% of the vote, newt gingrich, 7% of the vote. we'll be watching those percentages in the rankings of the other candidates as the percentages of the vote increases. this is exciting. this is election night. republicans in the great state of illinois making big consequential decisions whether to punch their ballot for mitt romney, rick santorum, ron paul or newt gingrich. actually, that's not the way it has worked at all. have you seen what the ballot looks like that republicans were using tonight in illinois? it's different in every county, but this is representative. let's put up the macon county ballot. if you're going to vote in illinois and you're voting in macon county, which is right in the middle of the state, if you want mitt romney to be president, you can indicate you want mitt romney to be president of the united states,
that you, governor, you are very popular and you could be a vice presidential running mate for mitt romney or rick santorum. he said nice things about you. what do you think about that? >> let me tell you, i believe the republican party has done a good job in reaching out to the hispanic community, however we need to do more. it is not about the faces that actually are going to be seen in our ticket in november. it's about the values that will be behind those faces. the hispanic community share many values with the republican party. we have to stress those rarlz f regardless of who appears on our ticket. >> do you like the idea of a vice presidential ticket? >> i love my job and i want to stay here if i can and i enjoy what i'm doing. i look forward to another four years continuing to turn a corner here and make our economy grow. i want to work with the president that will be working hand in hand with us to guarantee that the security we need in the region will assist us in creating jobs. >> very diplomatic answer. good politician. i love puerto rico and i love san juan. stay with us. we
in these two states, we are already impacting the national debate on a scale that all of romney's ad money hasn't achieved. and we're doing it because ideas matter. being able to make a principle case matters. the reagan tradition of visionary conservatism was based on proverbs and the deep believe that without vision people perish. and i believe we need a visionary leader who is prepared to talk about a dramatically better future with dramatically more jobs, more energy, and a safer and stronger america. that's the key to winning this fall. not all this petty baloney, but the really big choices. and as i went around both states talking about $2.50 gasoline, having all sorts of folks in the elite media saying that's not possible, and finally on saturday in the "wall street journal" they wrote a piece that is entitled "newt gingrich is right about gasoline." and he walked through step by step why it's possible. and the fact is it's very possible. and then yesterday, steven moore reported in the "wall street journal," numbers are so amaz g amazing, the fact i want to about substance is what make
." the republican race for the white house moves to the deep south, posing new challenges for mitt romney. >>> also a raw look at the horror unfolding in syria. we previewed the upcoming cnn documentary "72 hours under fire." >>> plus an african warlord accused of unspeakable atrocities. now a viral video is calling for his capture, tens of millions of people have already watched it. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." rk vk -- captions by vitac -- >> all that coming up, but now we get the latest on the kansas republican caucuses. >> i'm don lemon at the cnn newsroom. kansas takes the spotlight in the republican race today. cnn is projecting that rick santorum has won the kansas caucuses. here's the totals here, check them out with nearly all the caucus votes counted, santorum won easily there. he has 51%. romney has a distant second at 21%. kansas is a conservative state with a strong evangelical vote, both playing to santorum's strengths. we bring in chief political correspondent candy crowley jo
just say off the top also, we're actually at a mitt romney event waiting for him to come in. but to your point about rick santorum and those comments about english only, it is something that enflames passions on both sides. in terms of conservative circles, fred, conservatives feel like english should be the language of the land. it is just one of the enduring conservative ideals, right? and when he said that in puerto rico, he was then asked about it a little later and he stood by it, didn't really back down from it too much, but a lot of people in puerto rico and beyond, latinos back here in the u.s., it raised a lot of eyebrows. one puerto rican official said that it was a very limiting and narrow view and when you couple that, fred, couple that with some people who feel like republicans have been taking some very hard line anti-latino -- a hard line against issues that latinos care about, take illegal immigration, a lot of republicans say they want to deport illegal aliens or people who have been living here in the u.s. for a while, sonia sotomayor, the supreme court jus
's such a super day. super tuesday has become super wednesday. mitt romney racking up six super states, including that classic cliff hanger in ohio. he's kind of talking like it's over, but did he land that knockout blow? >> no. >> if your support really means everything to ann and me, and i'm not going to let you down. i'm going to get this nomination. >> while rick santorum wins three states because mitt romney still cannot convince conservatives that he's the man. we're taking a look at the exit polls. this is my favorite part actually. different numbers are revealing some big problems for the front-runner. christine romans is breaking it all down. she's going to talk about electability and the economy and what folks are saying about that. >> i'm not sure it's my favorite part because the information is so revealing or whether it's christine romans, who's my favorite person. we're going to get to her in a moment. but after taking the most states and the most delegates on super tuesday, mitt romney walking the walk and talking the talk, pretty much looking like the nominee, but all candidates a
of ohio has mitt romney at 37 and santorum at 36. it is neck and neck. of course, newt gingrich and ron paul bringing up the rear with 15 and 11% respectively. georgia, ppp again, but gingrich has a huge hometown advantage leading the pack. as you can see 47 of the 24%. however, there are some conflicting poll numbers that if you stick around, you will be able to see some of that. santorum and paul of course both third and fourth. this is what the delegate count looks like. a candidate needs 1,144 delegates to win and that's exactly what this shows right here, but you can see look at romney has 203. tomorrow, as you see, there is over 400. this is not going to be done. according to the associated press, mitt romney has that exact number 203 but all of these contests tomorrow all of them are proportional and that means that none are winner-take-all. so that means no one is going to come away with a clear -- as the clear winner in delegates. no one is going to have a tipping point number. we may see a surprise in momentum if santorum wins ohio if ro
, capturing 49% of the vote. mitt romney came in a distant second with 27%. newt gingrich's southern roots, it didn't help him in this state. he got just 16% of the vote. ron paul trailed the pack with 6%. louisiana hands out its 20 delegates proportionately, and santorum walks away with half of them. >> thank you very much. you have come through, and come through in a big way. and on behalf of my family, and all the people up here who have gathered with us tonight here in green bay, wisconsin, just let me thank you for making a very clear and crisp statement. and that is that you don't believe as the pundits have said that this race is over. you didn't get the memo that the rest -- [ cheers and applause ] >> but santorum's convincing win in louisiana doesn't do much to change the delicate map. mitt romney has 568 delegates. more than double santorum's count. gingrich has 137. and paul has won just 71 delegates. so a big catch-up game for rick santorum in the weeks ahead. let's go to new orleans right now. mary mat elin, good to see you. i love the bright colors there. does santorum's win,
." come on inside! ♪ >>> so if you believe the latest polls, mitt romney is going to easily win tomorrow's illinois gop primary. look at this. rasmussen, rommy at 41 santorum at 32. there's a lot of polls out. public policy polling. 15-point spread. romney 45 santorum 30. and arg has cut romney at 44 santorum at 30. gingrich and paul just really trailing. here is what it looks like in illinois. first of all the facts are that the unemployment rate is much higher than the national average, a full point. 54 delegates are up for grabs. santorum goofed up again in terms of getting on congressional districts. he did not get on four constructional districts. mccain won the 2008 gop primary against romney. in fact romney dropped out of the race just two days later. now they are outspent santorum seven to one. so let's fine out what is going on with the candidate's ground game in illinois. for that we're going to go to chicago, my favorite core upon independent, david shuster is with us. give us our famous lay of the land in chicago. >> great to be with you as always. mitt ro
roberts. we get straight to it starting on the agenda today. mitt romney desperate to lock up the front-runner title in the battle for the republican nomination and avoid falling flat with illinois voters. romney padded his delegate league with a win in puerto rico and is hoping to keep that going. >> i must bet the margin was just about as good. i need only one thing from you this morning, no, two. i need some pancakes and, number two, number two, i need you to go vote tomorrow. >> so we're not talking about pancakes over the weekend. romney made much use of the word economic lightweight. using that phrase to link both rick santorum and president obama. >> i believe itch the best chance and perhaps the only chance of actually replacing barack obama as the president of the united states. >> so not taking that one lying down. rick santorum hit back with these words on "morning joe." if i'm a lightweight, i agree, he's a heavyweight. is a big government heavyweight. that's what he said his record was. we need someone who understands that washington isn't the answer to our proble
gingrich edged out romney for second place by just under 2,000 votes of the more than 600,000 cast. and just before 11:00 p.m. eastern time, an even tighter race in mississippi was called for santorum who took in 33% of the vote there. newt gingrich and then mitt romney followed with 31% and 30% respectively. and just within the hour, nbc news declared mitt romney the projected winner in the hawaii caucuses. won 40% of the vote, defeating rick santorum by 20 points. good morning, everyone, a live look at time square on this wednesday morning. it's march 14th. welcome to "morning joe." with us onset, we have msnbc and "time" magazine senior political analyst mark haleprin. we have national affairs editor for "new york" magazine john heilemann. "game change" boys. and former chairman of the republican national committee, michael steele. perfect morning to have you all onboard. willie, hello. >> wow. >> a couple of things went down last night. we -- mitt lost to rick santorum and to newt. right? >> third place in both states. >> that's not good, michael. >> not good. and they keep cry
if i didn't ask about super tuesday's results. governor romney won the big prize, ohio. do you believe the time has come for other candidates to now get out of the race? >> i would hope so, but i can't tell the other candidates what they should do. they have to make their own decisions. i'm aware how tough an environment this is and so they have to make up their own minds. it is a fact that the longer this drags out, the higher the negatives of mitt romney and the harder it will be to win the election in november. that's just fundamental facts. >> governor palin was on cnn last night saying she would leave the door open to her name being placed into nomination if there was a contested convent n convention. what was your reaction to that? >> glad to see that sarah is still willing to get into the arena. i greatly admire and respect her. sarah, i view it with great interest your comment last night. i also think that, you know, that this thing is going to be resolved hopefully sooner for mitt romney than later. >> senator mccain, i always appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you, an
romney in all of this? >> 39% of americans have an unfavorable view of women. >> maybe he should stop talking about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees. >> maybe even a bit of a muppet. >> a net loss of 11 points. >> he's lost control of his public image. >> the president reads romney six points. >> his approval rating is 50%. >> 50% of americans now approve of how president obama is doing his job. >> this race has really hurt the republican brand. >> look at the front run are, mitt romney. i know romney looks like a president, but we don't always get the job we look right for. if we did, i'd be the king of the snakes! >>> good evening from washington. with advertisers fleeing his radio show over the weekend on saturday, rush limbaugh did something he absolutely never does. he issued a written apology. this time to sandra fluke, the georgetown student he called a slut and a prostitute on his show last week, realizing that that wasn't good enough to preserve his advertising-driven income of more than $50 million a year. rush limbaugh began his radio show today with an
are the exact opposite. count down is next! seamus lives and the santorum inn votes the late romney dog. >> i will be honest being saying what the heck was he thinking putting the dog on the too much the roof. >> two words, michael vick. the planned parenthood sound bite lives as well. >> planned parenthood going to get rid of that. another walk back, planned painedmarijuana hood is a private organization, i want to agreed writ of their funding. >> pride en on the bail out. >> the president and i made a bet. a simple bet, we bet on you. >> carney on the rumors of a release from the strategic petroleum reserve. >> that report is false. >> the plus the oil future's market we action to that report tells you all you need to know. unless you are mit romney. >> gas prices are ridiculous. up more than 30% in the past month and every day americans are paying a price for this, do you hold press obama responsible? >> absolutely. >> bill, with can you give the governor your reminder again. >> the next time he hear a poll singe sa
news this hour. polls in three states have just closed. nbc news projecting that mitt romney will win the massachusetts primary. moving west, oklahoma, nbc news projecting the race is too early to call. and in tennessee, the same thing, too early to call in tennessee, john. >> right now the biggest battle ground state, ohio, is too close to call as well by nbc news. that is the place where mitt romney has to beat rick santorum to preserve his claim as the inevitable nom knee. newt gingrich expected to win his home state of georgia. that might keep him in the race for now. mitt romney row jected as the winner in virginia where only he and ron paul were on the ballot. romney also the projected winner by nbc news now in vermont. >> welcome to our special super tuesday your money your vote coverage. i'm maria bartiromo. >> and we're i'm john harwood. 424 delegates are up for grabs tonight in 11 states across the country. >> all this happening on a day when your money went on a wild ride. stocks posting their biggest losses of the year today. dow jones down 203 points, more than 1.5% on th
of the nation's most respected political insiders. mitt romney is acting like he's got the race locked up. in fact, i think this about sums it up, meh romney. this is the war room. come on inside. >> we are tracking a gop presidential nominees, mitt romney, not surprising, was after yesterday is trending up despite a meh performance in yesterday super tuesday contest. he won six states, including the all-important ohio, although he didn't deliver a knockout punch. that didn't stop his campaign circulating a memo encouraging the other candidates to step aside. the next state coming up is kansas. its caucus is on saturday. there are 40 delegates at stake. it is a caucus. today, newt gingrich canceled plans to campaign in kansas so that he can focus on the southern states. hmm. the only area he has done well is those southern states. rick santorum is planning a big ad buy in kansas alabama and mississippi. alabama's as we dig down into their primary is on tuesday so a week from yesterday, 50 delegates at state. it's a proportion another race, all these states are. romney is leading santorum
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,414 (some duplicates have been removed)